Sunday, August 16, 2009

"There Was a Time" by pres~c

"At first I was a little hesitant when Fuzzbucket aka JediSavant invited me
to post my photo There Was A Time here. I've never talked about
my work on a blog before, and have only really been shooting with
interest in the last few months, mainly inspired by spending time at
DeleteMeUncensored, a Flickr critique group we both visit.

I’m an Aussie, living in northern country Victoria, and this was taken in not far from the base of Mt Buller. While out in the car one afternoon with my camera (Canon 300D and 50mm 1.8 lens) exploring country lanes, I stumbled on this gem of a location. It struck me as a wonderful opportunity for a composition of the timeless and bucolic landscape. Unfortunately, when I set up for the shot, the light was fairly ordinary, flat and dull… I spent sometime playing with exposures, but walked back to the car feeling like I didn’t get the shot. Then just as I was about to leave, I turned to take another
look, and that sweet pocket of sunlight appeared on the horizon. I ran back up the road, and fired a few shots.

There’s been some discussion on my flickr page from voting pools that
the shot would be better composed with a crop to emphasize the beauty of the background. However, to me it’s the long and disjointed road that gives a sense of broken memories, and reflections back to a
golden ideal of rural romanticism. Including the base of the road at the viewers feet, helps to lengthen it and also gives the composition a nice 3 part balance of dirt, grass and sky which I like.

I think I'll return to this spot sometime soon and explore more opportunities, perhaps a black and white version, or some kind of portrait. Wish me luck!"

Check out more of pres~c's work here, it's worth it.

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