Sunday, October 4, 2009


And now for a change of pace, while Fuzzbucket is on assignment documenting the recent devastation in Indonesia (I can't wait to see the images from that.)

I'm working on a project for pro-am photographers which I think might interest you. Consider it an advanced preview!

Pullfolio ( is a service - the only service - which uses your flickr stream to construct a professional photo webpage and portfolio. It updates when you update flickr, and you can selectively choose what goes in. Think of it this way: it's for the photographer who concentrates on shooting and can't code for nuts (like me), but would like to be able to show potential clients a serious, professional looking site when needed. It's powerful enough to create something like my own site out of it and pull photos off flickr if you've got the coding savvy, or automatically setup with a few clicks. Pro account users can also control their meta tags for search engines, as well as analytics code to monitor usage. We've also got plenty of exciting features planned and in development - including methods for increasing visibility of work for pros.

At the moment we're in invite-only beta mode, but plan to go live soon. So, if this is something you'd like to be part of, in return for giving it a test drive and telling your friends about it, we'd like to give you a free account: you can use this link to sign up:

And the best thing is you can tell us what features YOU'd want to use! So go check it out.

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