Sunday, September 13, 2009

on the new Leica M9

I have to admit, I was underwhelmed at first. The user experience wasn't that different. There are a couple of nice tweaks you DO notice - the low vibration, much quieter shutter for one, the soft release point for two, and the ability to add exposure compensation directly off the rear dial for three - but surely not worth 3x the going price of an M8 these days.

And then there were the sample images - sure, we've gained about a stop noise-wise, dynamic range seems a little better, and color is perfect (all without those pesky UVIR filters). But think about this: the M9 outresolves the D3x (no AA filter) in a body that's about D90 sized, and it shoots faster at maximum bit depth (2fps vs 1.5fps, 14bit). All from a company that probably made fewer cameras in total than Nikon made D3s.

Now that's impressive.

No doubt Fuzzbucket will have more to say when he reviews the M9 in the near future...

But far too rich for my blood, though I do need a spare body. Instead I just picked up another M8.

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