Monday, July 6, 2009

the 50 summilux update, part two

After an entire morning and afternoon of telephone calls, I have determined that:

1. The best the distributor/ dealer here is willing to do is refund the cost of the lens, less credit card fees. They can't get another lens.

2. Leica Germany said to send it back; that'll take a few months.

3. I can buy the last remaining lens in the country, but then I'd be about $150 out of pocket because of said credit card fees and because it's at a different dealer with worse pricing. And that might turn out to be a dud too, in which case I'm seriously SOL. Maybe I'll just buy Zeiss glass instead.

However, the most disappointing thing is the amount of cajoling and weight-throwing required to get to even square one with the local distributor. It seems to me that despite having a customer who has both media influence and is willing to buy another identical one even after all the crap that he's gone through so far, they would still rather wash their hands off the problem as soon as possible. Excuse me? I guess that's why they don't sell very many of them, then. Leica have said it's the only time they've ever heard of this problem. Well, one should damn well hope they'd be doing something to investigate it, right? I would if it were my company.

Maybe I am an idiot. Maybe it's unreasonable to buy two very expensive lenses and expect that they perform the same way. Maybe it's normal for people not to take responsibility for their jobs. Oh wait, I guess that's why we landed up in this recession in the first place.

Frankly right now I'm so disillusioned with the whole thing (and deeply concerned that if something should go wrong with any of the other Leica equipment, I'm seriously screwed) that I'm wondering if I shouldn't just quit and live off a diet of point and shoots and cameraphones or something. Sigh. I look at the M8 and don't even want to pick it up to shoot because it makes me a) angry b) scared that I'll break it if I so much as look at it funny, or heaven forbid, use it to take photos.

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