Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a little too much photoshop...

2009 Australian AIPP Professional Photographer Awards

Is it just me, or is there too much photoshop in just about every one of these images? This may sound contradictory, but I believe there's a line between what is reasonable to enhance the image, and what makes it no longer a photograph.

That said, there are some rather good images in there. I especially like the tagged and wrapped zebra.


  1. Yes, sad but true. So many want photoshop to be their artistic vision instead of truly seeing and capturing images with their own eyes. But magazines have gone surreal crazy too. A very respected B&W magazine now showcases heavily photoshopped images. I guess in order to be competitive these days one must have "fake photos". Just look at all the contest winners of certain outdoor photographer magazines and observe the overuse of HDR.

    Don't get me wrong. All these techniques have their place for assisting an image to its best visual presentation, such as level, tone and color adjustments, but many of these so called contest photos add gross surrealism to them. And maybe I'm out of touch by keeping my images as pure as can be (by not adding in abstract items and only editing out distracting ones) and maintaining their authenticity.

    However, the question begs to be asked with anything shot digitally (or film and darkroom post processing to a lesser degree)if any captured image is truly real or what your mind's eye wants it to be. But yes, liberal amounts of post processing can make an image jump as long as it's not so over processed as to look fake or weird. Someone close to this blog site just recently expressed this opinion to me. :)


  2. The best way of expressing this I can think of is a quote from the Futurama episode "Godfellas": 'If you've done things right, nobody can be sure you've done anything at all'.

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