Monday, July 6, 2009

Taking a Deep Breath...

...after that little sojourn to Goa, courtesy of cojones. I'm sure he got them wet too on the beach. My weekend was occupied by the Malaysian International Diving Expo, in Kuala Lumpur. Brisk business was done at the stall occupied by Scuba Symphony, who are underwater imaging specialists, led by the very capable, and musical, Mr Sim Chee Gee. The number of Canon G10s and underwater housings flying out the door made my mouth drop. I'm sure there's a career in flogging cameras and associated toys.

It was disappointing, however, to see the amount of crap on display at the various photo stands, where of course, the mandatory photo competition entrants are displayed. I think there were something like 3 competitions running concurrently, and multiple entries were the norm. Everyone can shoot a nudibranch, or a ribbon eel, but for heaven's sake do the homework on the camera, the environment, and composition. The subjects in question, including humble coral, are all potentially spectacular, but the Lazy Photographer will just submerge, open up the strobe, set it all on auto, and blast away. That's nothing new if all one wants to do is fill the album and have a few shots to shock and awe ignorant friends and family, but when certain delusions get in the way, sorry pal!! The latest Aquatica or Sea&Sea housing with a Nikon D700 stuffed inside isn't going to you much good unless you embrace the very basic tenets of photography as espoused endlessly by books, personalities and blogs (including this one).

Of course, commercialism is at the core of this, and given the niche status of underwater photography, exposure to the masses is critical. But that is still no exuse for laziness and plain delusional hubris. There are UW Photog Gods out there, and names like Veitch, Mustard et al come to mind. Some of us are still working at it.

Resting on a Fan, Lembeh, March 2009
Canon G10, DC-28 Housing, Sea&Sea YS110a external strobe

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