Tuesday, July 7, 2009


...seems to be the order of the day, so I'll stick with the theme, this time of the watery variety. After a recently enjoyable yet disappointing side-trip while in Bali to log some dives, I returned with a fairly unassuming crop of images. The visibility and conditions were awesome, the diversity of life not so.

We dived in Pemuteran, North-west Bali, which had experienced coral bleaching due to El Nino back in 1999. It hasn't fully recovered, and compound that with the pressures of bomb-fishing and bottom-dredging, the locals have done what they can to help the healing and rejuvenation process. Here are some images to ponder, both of life on the surface, and beneath. Welcome to NW Bali.

Risbescia Tryoni
Canon G10, Sea&Sea YS110alpha

Canon G10, Sea&Sea YS110alpha

Puffer with Remora
Canon G10, Sea&Sea YS110alpha

Hommage to Alex Mustard
Canon G10, Sea&Sea YS110alpha

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