Sunday, July 12, 2009


A city changes, just like each component that comprises the greater whole changes, and is amplified into an entire wave of flux. Melbourne as I see it today, isn't the same as when I knew her best. Trips down memory lane are often exhausting. Especially when every turn in the path, each corner revealed, harbour shadows and fragments of impressions. With the passing of time, the image itself fades, and oftentimes, only emotions remain. Even then, I suspect they too might be unreliable. So it's better to see things with new eyes at each instant, so as to refresh and revive.


  1. The divided nature of the first and last images is rather good. I miss the 50 lux.

  2. i felt pretty rat shit the day after these photos were made. so much for refreshed and revived.

    good light today. let's see what it brings.